Online Surveys for Cash

There are many legitimate online surveys for cash that will help you earn an extra side income on the internet.  Most of these survey websites cost nothing while some may require from you a small fee.  Whatever the case is, there are real true companies that will pay you real cash after you successfully complete their surveys.  Today you will view some of the most legit online surveys for cash companies.

Opinion Outpost – One of the most popular and favorites among all people.  After registration you can expect to complete brief surveys.  There are numerous of easy and simple surveys to complete.  These surveys give a payout from $1-$5.  If you wish to receive a check you must acquire a minimum of $20 in your account.  Cash isn’t the only way to earn cash from these make money surveys; these survey companies also offer various rewards such as Amazon, Restaurant, and Visa codes and cards.

Survey Spot – Another very popular survey site is the survey spot.  They also offer several of surveys on a daily basis.  Instead of earning money right off the back, these guys reward you with points in which you have the option to redeem cash or prizes.  For every 100 points you will receive $1.  There’s a minimum of 1000 points to cash out.  That’s a minimum of $10.  You may cash out using Paypal.  One thing to consider is that some of the dollar surveys are just for fun, so if you’re trying to make money, make sure to take the surveys that offer reward points.

Valued Opinions – Apart from the two prior companies, Valued Opinions do not pay cash for taking their surveys.  Instead you may choose gift cards, codes, and prizes which are affiliated with Amazon, Macy’s, Marriott Hotels, and much more.  The minimum for to claim a reward is $20.  If you have a store that you shop at a lot, this will be a great way to earn some free extra money for that particular store.  Keep in mind that some of the surveys are hard to qualify for.

My View – Is another survey for money website that pays you through rewards.  Even if you do not qualify for a survey, you still get rewarded.  Not everyone will qualify for surveys, but you are sure to get reward points.  The thing that separates this website from Valued Opinions is that their gift card selection is vast.  Most surveys reward points between 1,500 and 3,000 points.  The minimum to redeem for gift cards is around 12,000 points.

Test Spin – This survey website offers a member all rewards, from cash to gift cards and merchandise.  Like two of the prior survey sites, this one also offers reward points in which you can redeem for.  The minimum is 10,000 points which is $10 in cash.  Test Spin is great for those who circle in the fields for business professionals and IT services.  People who do not have a slight clue about this field will usually trouble for qualifying surveys.

These are 5 of the legit online surveys for cash that you can choose to participate in.  Of course there are much more surveys sites out there, but these are only a few of the more popular ones.  You will become rich or make hundreds over night, but you can expect to earn potential small amounts of cash.  For the best way to get paid for takings surveys, you should be honest and take your time.  Only then the survey companies will be able to focus on your attributions and give you higher percentage of qualifying surveys.  The more online surveys for cash you take, the more cash you will receive.